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  • By phone: Contact +98 21 88313385 ext.133 and reach our sales representative to place your order.
    By form: Fill out the product order form. Coming soon…
    By website: Order online. Coming soon…
    By requesting the marketer: Contact +98 21 88313385 ext.131 / 132 and one of our sales supervisors send a marketer to your store according to the given address.
  • This company has succeeded to develop its distribution domain during its operational period, as follows:
    Tehran City: region 1 to 22
    Tehran’ Suburban Cities: Roudehen, Boumehen, Lavasanat, Damavand, Eslam-shahr, Robat-karim, Parand.
    Alborz Province: Karaj .
  • Bulgari - Marshmallow

    New products with different shapes and attractive tastes have arrived. Due to being filled, they will be among the best-selling and popular products.
    Varieties in 100gr packaging: Skull filled chocolate, Choco mix, Berries, Funny mix
    VC - Flavoured Soda

    These products are produced by Behnoosh Company and due to its high percentage of juice, high quality raw materials, good packaging and taste, would soon find its place alongside other brands.
    Varieties in 250ml bottle: wild Grape, Ginger – Lime, Lemonade, Pomegranate- Sour Cherry